words ’15

WEIRD = a witch
SALT AWAY = put by; store away; hoard in a miserly way
ACHATES = Loyal companion; intimate, trusty comrade
DITHYRAMB = Bacchanalian song
TRUCK = trade; exchange, barter, pay in goods
STRAITENED = having financial difficulties; distressed
ROC = fabulous bird (from Arabian legend)
GAY DOG = rake
ENDPAPERS = leaf; page at beginning or end of book, folded and glued to the cover
GRILL ROOM = Where one may eat;
BROOK = tolerate; to bear or endure (formal)
WINNOW = fan; to separate chaff from grain by blowing air through it;
SALAAM = greeting; word and gesture of salutation in the Middle East
SECCO = painting
GOATISH = foolish;
ETIOLATE = grow pale
UNIAT = type of Christian
PERFECTO = cigar
TRINITARIANS = some Christians
DISHABILLE = scanty clothing;
BEAK = schoolmaster (old slang)
SHARE = blade of ploughtext
AGNATE = relative
BREASTWORK = kind of defence; hastily constructed earthwork fortification
TALBOT = breed of broad-mouthed large eared hound, now extinct
NON-COMS = soliers; Non commissioned officers
DIS = The infernal world; a name for the god Pluto
MARLINE SPIKE = spike for separating strands of rope for splicing
GLENGARRY = cap; Highlanders cap
POMANDER = ball of perfumes
PSEPHOLOGY = study of elections
GENEVA = spirit; grain spirit flavoured with juniper; Dutch gin
STOTINKA = Bulgarian coin; one hundredth of a Lev
DIVERTIMENTO = piece of music
Asian queen = RANISWITCH = tress (of hair) usually false
IRRUPTS = breaks
GAMESTER = better; gambler
CAPARISON = ornamentation;
DISTRAINT = seizure ordered by court
PANGLOSS = incurable optimist cf PANGLOSSIAN
IMARI = porcelain items; type of Japanese porcelain
BIER = A stand or frame for carrying a dead person to the grave
DUSTY ANSWER = unhelpful response; unsatisfying, unfruitful or sordid response
SCULLION = servant (arch.)
TITMOUSE = a tit; small bird of various gena; pl TITMICE
VALISE = case; overnight or kit bag;
LODEN = Thick waterproof woollen fabric; bluish green colour in which the cloth is often made
WELL DRESSING = The festal decoration of wells and springs, as in Derbyshire on Ascension Day, etc
CATHAR = heretic; A member of a medieval Manichaean sect, chiefly in S France and N Italy, the Albigensians
SHIKARI = Hunter’s guide (Anglo-Indian)
HEATH = Kind of butterfly
PINEAPPLE = slang for hand grenade
YELLOWS = plant disease
SAMOYED = dog; named after the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia
IMPUTE = assign; to ascribe, attribute
ORMER = shellfish
BROWNIE = Benevolent creature (folklore) who may secretly help with domestic work
BOLE = trunk (of a tree)
KANJI = Japanese writing
PALISTER = column;
LARGHETTO = somewhat slow movement (from largo)
KASHA = cereal;
ENQUIRY AGENT = private eye
UPAS = poison; Javanese tree with sap used as poison; mythical tree that poisoned all around it.
PREDICATE = Affirm; subject: in grammar word(s) in a sentence by which something is said about the subject.
AFFIANCED = betrothed
RATING = reprimand
SAKE = benefit; behalf; purpose; homonym with SAKE = Asian drink
BARRE = Ballet dancer’s exercise rail
ORRIS = flag; Florantine or other iris
CHURCHWARDEN = long stemmed clay pipe
SHRIVEN = confessed
MAVIS = bird
STANHOPE = transport; type of carriage
SHADE = spirit; a ghost (literary); the disembodied soul
PICAROON = A person who lives by their wits; a cheat; a pirate
EFFENDI = title; former title of Turkish civil officials
MARIPOSA = plant
CURIA = court in Rome
TAMBOUR = drum
MORDANT = biting;
FORM = bench
CHIEFLING = Minor leader
BY-PLAY = secondary activity; apart from main action esp. in a play
PARTERRE = ornamental flower garden
BLUEBOTTLE = policeman sl.
LYING-IN = Confinement during childbirth
RECONDITE = not understood by many; hidden; obscure
PIROGUE = boat; canoe dugout from single trunk; schooner rigged barge (also PIRAGUA or PEIRIAGUA)
VICOMTE = French aristocrat
DEAD MEN = Bottles which don’t split? Empty bottles left after a party
AM = Welsh politician; Assembly Member
FREEBOARD = shipping term; distance from waterline to deck level
JURADIC= of the law
CALUMNIES = pork pies
WITHE = bit of willow; flexible twig
SEPOY = soldier; indigenous soldier or policeman in India during the Raj
LOBO = Timber wolf
GOOSE = smoothing-iron
ECRU = light brown; unbleached linen; it’s off-white or greyish-brown colour
HARTEBEEST = S. African antelope
INTERPOLATE = misleadingly, perhaps, put in; insert word/passage in a book esp. in order to mislead
INCUBUS = sexy beast; A devil which assumes human male (cf SUCCUBUS) form and has intercourse with women in their sleep; A nightmare; oppressive person thing or influence
FINGERPOST = One may show one the way; traditional signpost with fingers on the arms pointing the way.
HEARTSEASE = The pansey
CAMPESTRAL = of open country
POMFRET = fish
RED BIDDY = cheap intoxicating concoction; red wine and meths
DICKENS = The devil
CAMPANILE = Expect high tolls here; bell tower esp. detached from church
SKIRRET = plant; water parsnip
HARISSA = hot paste
MATZO = Unleavened bread, usually in the form of crackers for Jewish Passover
MATZO BALL = Kind of dumpling made from Matzo
SCAPEGRACE = Wayward person; incorrigible rascal
AILANTHUS = tree; the tree of heaven; tall asiatic tree; also AILANTO
GRAFT = corruption (in official life) sl.
IKEBANA = Japanese art (of flower arranging)
GAUNTLET = punishment
CONTROLLER = financial supervisor
CLOTH-CAP = working class
GRAVES = wine from Bordeaux
FRET = sea mist
SEA FRET = fog coming inland from the sea
BEARDS = challenges
BEARD = to oppose resolutely
RENTIER = investor; person who has income from rents or investments
REMIT = relax;
SERVICE = tree; aka service tree similar to a rowan cf. wild service tree
BACS = system of bank payments; Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services
UDON = Thick noodle; thick wheat flour Japanese noodle
MUNTJAC = deer
CENSER = Ceremonial container in which incense is burned
BUCKRAM = coarse material;
DISH = ruin
DHOTI = loincloth
APOSTLE SPOON = Spoons with handles ending in figures of the Apostles
GAY DOG = rake
STOA = covered walkway
CAPELLA = star; in northern constellation Auriga; Latin she-goat


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