This really does need organising….

eating out = ETCHING
sultana = sultan’s wife
shot (material) = OPALESCENT
tenor = general sense or TENDANCY
plane = type of tree
service = type of tree
corporation = pot belly
FORM = bed of a hare
LAST = shoemakers model of a foot
does = DEER
flower = river
opener = key
banker river
bloomer = flower
swimmer = fish etc.
flier = bird pilot leaflet etc.
jumper = WALLABY, KANGAROO etc.
follower = SHEEP
tender eg. nurse shepherd etc.
better = one who bets, punter etc.
walkers = FEET
potter = snooker player
spinner = TOP
whistler = Referee
listener(s) = EAR(S)
court = tennis
legend caption
fashion make former
wolf eat
match wedding union
piece chess gun
times by (multiplication) x
pain stitch
dutch wife
home counties SE
Cockney in London
cases patients
in order = MONK NUN NOVICE etc.
masses = services
service building = church
fast = LENT
ham = actor
hand, deal = cards
Man = ISLE
pen = swan
ready (readies?) = cash, money
blue (sky?) = ATMOSPHERE = feeling
discovered = dis-covered = remove outer letters
Hamlet character = VILLAGER
bun (bunny?) = rabbit


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