French Parisian or nice (Nice, Lens etc.) F FR
the French = LE LA LAS LES DE
of French = DE
some French = DES
my French = MON
good French = BON
for French = POUR
where French = OUE
nothing French = RIEN
what French = QUI
French island = ILE
Frenchman = M HOMME RENE
Old French = LANGUE DOC
sea sick = MAL DE MERE
love letter = BILET DOUX
one supported by wealthy lover; Loose women = DEMI-MONDAINE
Nice sweet = CHERIE
Dear French = CHER
spoken in French = DIT
not French = PAS
French summer = ETE
in France you = VOUS
is in French = EST
in this french = EN CE
French actor = (Jaques) TATI
French country = PAYS
Boulanger = BAKER
in France slow mover (snail) = ESCARGOT
French aristo = DUC
dry French = SEC
French beard = BARBE
so much French = TANT
Monique’s cheerful = GAI
French art = ES (tu es/thou art)
French dance = VALSE (waltz)
peut-etre = perhaps; maybe
e.g article of Dior, peut-etre = UN
French cop = FLIC
French newspaper = LE MONDE

The Dutch = wife

Spain = E
the Spanish = EL LAS
Spanish governess = DUENNA
Spanish royalty = REAL
ARAGON = Spanish province
DON = Spanish nobleman
AMIGO = friend; Don Quixote’s companion
SENOR = gentleman
POLLO = Spanish chicken

Germany = D
the German = DER DIE DAS
of the German = ODER
German song(s) = LIED(ER)
German rock singer = LORELEI
Old German = FRANK

Italy = I IT
the Italian = IL
Italian family = MEDICI
Italian gentleman = SIGNOR
holiday (festival) in Italy = FESTA
Italian aristocrat = CONTESSA
Italian leader = DUCE (IL DUCE ‘The Leader’)

Welshman = ALED DAI EVAN

Scotsman = IAN
clansman = MAC
x in Scotland/Glasgow = MACx
very Scottish = UNCO
go to Scotland = GANG
expression of disaproval = HOOTS
Scottish chimney = LUM
BRAW = fine in Glasgow
BRAE = bank of Scotland

Ireland = IRE
Northern Ireland = NI
party in Ireland = HOOLEY
Murphy = SPUD

Chinese rulers once = MING

so long = SAYONARA

hello (and) goodbye = ALOHA

IZVESTIA (IZVESTIYA) = Russian paper; news; information
HERMITAGE = Art museum in St Petersburg
KOSMOS = Soviet satellite

Latvian once = LETT

but Latin = SED
take Latin = RECIPE

down under = Australia
British down under = POM
read out in Australia = homophone if said in Aussie accent


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