words ’16

PASSAGE OF ARMS = conflict; any armed struggle.
HUNTER = watch; pocket watch with face protected with metal cover.
WAINSCOT = panel; woodwork on interior wall; Fine oak for panelling etc.
COSMETOLOGIST = make-up artist
COSMETOLOGY = Art or profession of applying cosmetics/hairdessing/plastic surgery
BIRDS OF PASSAGE = swallows; transient visitors (ST 2718)

MUDLARK = urchin
NITRE = gunpowder ingredient
NIM = game played with matches
FILBERT = (hazel) nut;
DENEBOLA = Leo has this; star in the constellation Leo
MINISTRANT = Attendant

DEMOTIC = popular
MARLINE = rope
ALLEE = path with trees

SISYPHEAN = Endlessly laborious
CLOISONNE = Panelled enamelwork

OBBLIGATO = Essential part of music; That cannot be done without; must be used in musical performance.
DEMUR = object; dissent
ARTIFICER = mechanic esp army and navy; craftsman
NOVENA = Religious devotion
SINFONIETTA = little musical composition

AGAPE = love-feast

ACCOLADE = action used in conferring knighthood
DENDROLOGY = scientific study; natural history of trees

PARVENU = upstart
HOURI = alluring woman, nymph of Muslim paradise
EPILATE = Have a close shave; to remove hair

ALEPH = First letter of Hebrew alphabet

DEMESNE = land; Manor house with surrounding land not let out to tenants; any estate in land
OBOL = ancient coin
Dorking = layer; breed of chicken
Orpington = layer; breed of chicken
SUMAC = spice; tree
POMELO = tree; citrus maxima; shaddock, grapefruit (US); pamplemousse
REX CAT = feline; breed of cat

CRI DE COEUR = impassioned plea; cry from the heart
PANIC = A grass; of genus Panicium; also PANIC-GRASS

INAMORATA = lover; woman in love or beloved cf. INAMORATO
EAGRE = bore; sudden rise of tide in a river
FORAYER = attacker
FOR AYE = Forever

TRICK CYCLIST = Psychiatrist (sl)
ARAK = toddy; strong alcoholic drink from Asia made (also ARRACK)
TODDY = fermented sap of palm trees

COLLATION = light meal taken on fast days in monasteries
TOPI = protection for head; pith helmet

MINOR CANON = member of the clergy
PACHINKO = Japanese game
WINNOW = examine
CORNICHE = coast road
SADHU = (hindu) holy man
JILLAROO = Female sheep-station employee cf. JACKAROO
OCTANT = 45 degrees
CISTERCIAN = man following order; monk in offshoot of Benedictines

SWAG = festoon
MANCIPLE = Steward
SACERDOTALIST = One with exaggerated respect for priests

AGAR = seaweed; jelly prepared from various seaweeds
CALIF = Muslim leader
AVATAR = divine manifestation
AV = Bible; Authorised Version; King James Bible
COPING = building work; the covering course of masonry of a wall
BUMBERSHOOT = umbrella (US sl.)
OGHAM = ancient writing system; Celtic/Pictish alphabet
RANI = queen; Indian Hindi queen cf. RANEE
BROCHETTE = spit; small skewer

ORTOLAN = bird; type of bunting (a finch like bird)
BUNTING = Finch like bird
FAUN = old deity; Roman protector of shepherds; similar in appearance to a SATYR

EVANGEL = good news
EREMITE = recluse; a hermit

MILORD = address to superior
STEM STITCH = piece of embroidery

GAMIN = ragged child
RECUSE = Remove from participation in court case
BONSPIEL = sporting event; curling tournament

FULMAR = bird
UPAS = tree
SHAKO = CAP; tall military cap with plume

DESIDERATUM = something much wanted
BOATSWAIN = Crew leader
COIR = fibre
MERCATOR = cartographer; Latin translation of cartographer Gerhard Kremer literally shopkeeper

NONPAREIL = without equal

SALAMANDER = portable stove
NODULOSE = lumpy
SUPERABUNDANT = too common
SCALLOP = Cooked sliced potato
SOP = dip; bread or other food dipped in liquid
EMENDATE = to put things right
STATER = old coin; ancient Greek coin
FARCEUR = comedian

MAW = open mouth
CORD = amount of wood
LAWN = linen

DOLOROSO = sorrowful (music)
DOLOUR = pain; grief; anguish
ESURIENT = hungry; greedy

MOROCCO = type of leather traditionally associated with bookbinding
BUSS = kiss

ALLEY OOP = basketball manoevre
DISTRAIT = thinking of other things; absent minded
PEREGRINATION = wandering about
ELASTOMER = material

TOREADOR PANTS = women’s calf-length trousers

INSTANTER = without delay
PONIARD = small daggar

WAIT or WAITE = carol singer
ELL = old measure; elbow to end of middle finger; cloth measure 11/4 yrd
TANTARA = trumpet blast
INTER ALIA = Among other things
OUTRIGGER = racing boat; light racing boat with projecting rowlocks

ERST = formerly; at first
BEADLE = Old-fashioned officer; Parish officer with the power to punish minor offences

OTTO = fragrant essential oil
PRO TEMPORE = for the moment; for the time being; PRO TEM
CARTOUCHE = frame; scroll like decorative border in archetecture
NIMBI = rings pl of NIMBUS = halo
AMBERGRIS = used in perfumes; substance from the intestines of sperm whales
STUCCOED = With thick coat on; STUCCO = plaster or cement used to coat walls
TARO = basic food for the tropics; root vegetable widely grown in the Pacific
JURY MAST = temporary pole; temporary mast cf JURY RIGGED
JURY = indicating makeshift
WEEDS = a widow’s mourning apparel cf WIDOWS WEEDS

LINNET = finch
PRIMROSE PATH = a life of pleasure
CATHAY = China once;
PRAIRIE SCHOONER = American wagon
BRAW = fine in Glasgow
ALEWIFE = fish

BRAE = bank of Scotland
KOSMOS = Soviet satellite
CORYDON = shepherd; generic name for a shepherd in ancient Greek poems; A rustic
FLIC = French cop; policeman Fr. sl.

NAPERY = linen
KAPELLMEISTER = church leader;
CHINE = ravine
TARTARY = historical region; vast ill defined area of Eastern Europe/Asia inhabited by Tartars
ROBIN GOODFELLOW = Mischievous sprite; cf. Puck
SCYLLA = Sea monster

OCTAVO = volume; having 8 leaves to the sheet; a book so folded; book size
BASILISK = fearful creature; mythical serpent
SCREW = warn out horse; broken-winded horse (BRB!)
WAGONETTE = small vehicle

HONESTY = garden plant
ENJOIN = order
KINE = cows

SHARP-SET = hungry; keen in appetite for anything
ECUMENIC = promoting unity; A movement within the church towards unity on all fundamental issues.
INFRA = see below
SKYMAN = paratrooper

NOGGIN = Small quantity of liquor