Words 4

and again…

COBBLER = iced drink; of wine or spirits, sugar, lemon etc.
BLACKTHORN = walking stick
IDRIS = Welsh giant
IRIS = goddess

ADUMBRATE = outline faintly
DAMASK = stuff
low = MOO
down = PLUMAGE cf. feathers

MISOGAMIST = single minded; fear or hatred of marriage
APPLE-PIE ORDER = in perfect condition
BATHETIC = disappointing; anticlamactic
TIME OUT OF MIND = ages and ages (ago); beyond human memory
PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Ecconomics)
CHINDIT = one who faught in Burma; commando

RATEL = honey badger
HUSH PUPPY = savouy doughnut

AMAH = nurse from China originally;
MOKE = donkey

DEFRAYAL = payment; act of payment of costs or expenses

BELOW THE SALT = Like worker in dining room
PALING = fence

OOLITE = grainy limestone

elders = trees
PINION = a bit of a lark say; wing, last joint of a wing, flight feather

ABAFT = nearer the stern; nautical term for behind

BUTT = target (in archery or shooting)

PRIAM = King of Troy

PIETA = religious work;

TUMID = bombastic
ESSE = actual existence
TOKAY = Hungarian wine

WINDLASS = winding machine

SABOT = shoe

LIST = pay attention; listen

PAWNEE = old American
COGNATE = relative
EPICURE = gourmet
FURZE = gorse

CHIT = child


EYE-RHYME = words similar in spelling but differing in pronunciation.

NIM = game

KEDGE = anchor
CLOSE = tight; mean, niggardly

ENORMITY = a great crime; wicked or heinous act
ANEROID = without liquid (water)

HECUBA = queen (Greek mythology)
SATRAP = governor (Persian)
NEGUS = drink;

ABROAD = over a wide area
INGRES = painter

ANCHORITE = hermit;

RHINO = money

UNCO = very Scottish; strange unusual
EFT = amphibian; Newt, lizard


TED = to spread new mown grass for drying
TEDDER = farm machine ;implement for tedding, person who teds

STIRRUP-CUP = A drink for a hunt
W African tribe = IBO

TROLL = bait
COLLECT = A short prayer

DRAGONS BLOOD = red resin from tree
ACONITES = plants
ARARAT = where to escape flood; the mountain where Noah’s ark came to rest

OPE = begin poetically; open

TUTTI = music instruction: to be played by all
SYSTOLE = rhythmic contraction esp. of the heart
FOMENT = kindle; encourage or foster
ECDYSIAST = stripper
LARBOARD = left; port, opposite of starboard

PELISSE = coat; esp. loose womans cloak, fur lined garment
INERTIA = type of selling
INERTIA SELLING = Illegal practice of sending unwanted goods and billing if not returned.

UNMANNED = dispirited; deprived of fortitude
BURRO = small donkey

PAINTER = Rope used to tie up a boat
ARMOIRE = wardrobe
Danes = dogs
place = LIEU

BEIGNET = a fritter
by = X
QUATRAIN = lines; stanza or poem of four lines.
INDIAMAN = ship; trading vessel used between GB and India

DIDIPPER = little grebe

TENUTO = Sustained
SCUTO = duck
OVERMUCH = excessive

ANTIMACASSARS = chair cover
MOJITO = cocktail
RAKI = aniseed drink
PHAETON = carriage
NETTLE = to annoy

AUSTER = wind; The South wind
INSATIATE = unable to get enough
lost = anag.
SCILICET (SC, SS) = namely; to wit
MAGUS = wizard
AARGH = expression of dismay
ROLAND = legendary fighter
ZINNIA = Showy garden feature; flower

EYRIE = High position; eagles nest

PANJANDRUM = self-important official

LASCAR = indian sailor

ENCOMIA = tributes; praise
PADRONE = innkeeper
MEDIA = Jason’s wife in Greek mythology
IDEATES = forms a mental image of;
SOL = the sun personified;
ZIL = Russian car
SPRIG = young person, ornamental device;

MANDALA = Buddhist symbol

articulated = homophone
JOCOSE = playful

CAT’S PAW = Someone else’s tool;

FROG = fastner
ADDUCE = Quote; bring forward in discussion
TAMALE = Mexican dish

CLOTHO = fate (one of the)
GAD = Tribe of Israel
Archbishop = TUTU

SEMIOTIC = Concerned with signs

TAFFETA = type of cloth
CLOTH = stuff
PYRETHRUM = crysanth
BURDEN = refrain; main theme of anything

BUSS = Rude or playful kiss
TANGELO = fruit

LOO = card game
TEST = river
ELEANOR = English Queen

writer = BIC
exclamation of digust = PAH
beer = BASS
proof of wine’s region = AC
cocaine = LINES
hide = DEN

BRIDEWELL = prison
NEEDLE-CASE = housewife
TIRO = A first campaign; beginner cf. TYRO

UGLI = fruit
DEFILE = pass; long narrow pass; march single file
MOLE = pier; massive breakwater
EPHEMERA = insects; objects of limited value
MALISON = curse

PALADIN = hero; Paragon of knighthood; One of the twelve Peers of Charlemagne’s court

GANGLION = nerve centre, bundle of nerves (anatomy); centre of energy/activity (literary)


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