Words ’18

SHRUB = drink; citrus juice, sugar, spices and spirit especially rum; cordial of fruit juice and vinegar (US)

Not from a crossword but…

SARCO- combining form denoting flesh/tissue hence:
SARCOLINE = flesh coloured (not in BRB)
SARCOLOGY = anatomy of the fleshy parts of the body
SARCOPTIC = fleshy
SARCOUS = of flesh or muscle

GAS AND GAITERS = waffle; nonsense
CICERONE = guide; person who shows visitors/sightseers around museums etc.

POSTULANT = Candidate for admission
BUMPER = horse race; flat race run under jump rules tape start etc. (not in BRB)
BUMPING RACE = catch up with and touch the boat in front and move up a place esp. Oxbridge

SPAHI = cavalryman; old Turkish/French Algerian cavalryman
BENCHER = senior inn of court member
RE = sun god cf. RA

Veil (7) = YASHMAK
Pigeon (4) = ROCK DOVE

LIGNEOUS = woody; wooden
THITHER = towards that place
SUKIYAKI = exotic dish; Japanese dish

NANKEEN = cotton cloth

HOLI = Hindu festival; Hindu spring festival characterized by revelry

BUN = rabbit; BUNNY? BRB has BUN = playful name for a rabbit or squirrel origin unknown; a hare’s scut;

DOGGO = Quietly in concealment; to lie doggo

DEMIT = resign; relinquish; to send down; to lower
DRAMATURGE = playwright
CORNETTO = woodwind cornet
INCUS = Bone of the middle ear
SMEW = sea duck
MEW = a gull
WOLFRAM = metal; tungsten or tungstate of iron and manganese

PERFORCE = by necessity
BETH = second letter of Hebrew and Phoenician alphabets

ESPADA = sword

DENATURE = Render unfit for consumption

LOUIS = Old French gold coin; aka LOUIS D’OR
CHEZ = At the home of
VERVET = monkey

WRICK = RICK = sprain
DANDIE DILMONT = Short-legged dog
IN VINO VERITAS = A person tells the truth when drunk; In wine there is truth
LARRIKIN = hooligan
HOGSHEAD = big cask; beer or wine barrel size
GRADUAND = one about to receive a degree
HENBANE = poisonous plant

GLUTTON = woodland creature; GULO GULO; wolverene; Mustelidae
MUSTELIDAE = MUSTELIDS = Carnivorous mammals including badgers, martens, mink, wolverenes etc.

DECAPODA = order of shrimps, prawns etc. DECAPOD
BOHEA = tea; lowest quality black tea

DRENCHED = forced medicine down
DRENCH = dose of medicine forced down the throat of an animal

SAM BROWNE = belt; belt with diagonal strap across the shoulder.

BRAKE = a thicket
STOCKINET = material

WHIN = Gorse
REFER TO DRAWER = Banking term; usually when the cheque writer has insufficient funds.

PTARMIGAN = grouse; gamebird sometimes known as a ROCK PTARMIGAN
LORY = parrot
DESIDERATUM = something desired or much wanted pl. DESIDERATA = essential requirements

BETOKEN = indicate; to show by a sign; to be an omen of
SISTINE = about a particular pope; of Pope Sixtus esp. Sixtus IV

CERULEAN = blue; sky-blue, dark-blue or sea-green
GRAMPUS = Dolphin; killer whale;

SEPT = clan; division of a tribe
MIGNONETTE = herbaceous plant; genus Reseda
TATTERDEMALION = scruffy kid; tattered person; ragamuffin

PISTOLE = Bit of cash; various old gold coins
CRAKE = bird, a crow or raven

CENTAURY = flowering plant
UNWONTED = strange; unaccustomed; unusual
SKILLY = thin gruel or broth, also SKILLIGALEE and SKILLIGOLEE
CREEPERS = garage mechanics boards

PEKOE = tea; a scented black tea
POTTO = primate; West African Loris; kinkajou

QUA = as; in the capacity of
QUAILED = shook
QUAIL = flinch; fail in spirit; slacken; subdue
DIBBLE = tool; pointed tool for making holes for seedlings etc
GALLOWAY = horse
CLOOTIE DUMPLING = suet pudding; named after the cloth it’s steamed/boiled in
BOBWHITE = american quail

HOT GOSPELLER = Fervent preacher
GIGUE = music; lively dance in 6 or 12-8
CRAN = Amount of herring; 371/2 gallons
PROTEUS = Sea god
MIDDY = blouse; loose blouse with flap at the back like a sailors uniform