Words 5

Uh oh

clothing = containment
detailed = de-tailed
CALUMNY = slander
fired = deletion
function = SINE, COS etc
DIVERS = several (archaic)
SPOON = canoodle; courtship esp. when mawkish or sentimental
TOCSIN = warning signal
RORQUAL = type of whale
AURICLE = atrium;
FLOE = water below zero; ice sheet
ATTAINDER = historic loss of civil rights
labour = giving birth
PUTTO = cherub
RUB = problem
problem = KNOT = Sandpiper
egg = mine, bomb
CONVOCATED = assemble
HUGGER MUGGER = confusion
DURESS = imprisonment
NOVENA = devotion; prayers or services over nine days
BARRIOS = Spanish community
CHIGNON = hairstyle
CATENARY = curve
NEWEL = post; column; upright at the end of a stair
LAY = air
CAPUCHIN = friar
UMBO = boss; shield boss
FAUN = Mythalogical deity
LUSTRUM = period of five years
PHAT = excellent
SHINGLE = hairstile
ENTR’ACTE = interval; intermission
OSIER = willow
NILGAI = antelope
currency = river
GUANACO = creature from the Andes; S. American camelid
SPILL = taper; thin strip to light candle etc.
OMER = some corn; Hebrew dry measure
DIGITALIS = medicinal drug;
ready = money
VALERIAN = antispasmodic;
CATALEPSY = trance-like state
adventurous girl = ALICE
ABBE = cleric from France;
to comprehend = containment
accumulated knowledge = LORE
ENTERON = part of the body;the gut or alimentary canal
ENTERO = relating to the intestines
MALEFIC = evil
QUICK = sensitive area (esp under the nails); alive,living flesh (arch)
PUTTEE = item of uniform;lower leg strap pings
MALTHUSIAN = one man’s economic theory
Robert Malthus
DANSEUSE = (female) ballet dancer
NEAR BEER = drink low in alcohol
TON = fashion
KEEN = mourn; To wail over the dead
WAYFARING = walking
CARILLON = set of bells
COIF = cap;
FAIN = eager; glad or joyful (arch. poetic)
ASHRAM = retreat; hermitage for holyman (usu. in India)
MACERATED = soaked;soften or break up; to emaciate; to mortify
VERDURE = foliage; greenery
SPIKE = ear; an ear of corn
DUDS = clothes
LANGUR = monkey
JACK CADE = Rebel Jack;
CIRCE = enchanting woman; Grk. goddess of magic who turned Odyssius’s crew into swine
EN = space; printing measure equal to half an EM
TRIPOS = Cambridge course
ARNICA = tincture;
RATS-TAIL = thin hair
inspired = containment
OUTSPREAD = extended
SEALYHAM = little dog
doctrine = ISM
DEBORAH = judge (Bible)
SISAL = rope fibre
river = FAL
ESCROW = legal document
matter = PUS
openers = KEYS
ENTRECHAT = impressive leap; ballet jump
POMACE = Stuff that’s slushy and fruity
SISKIN = type of finch
GAMMON = tripe; rubbish
SOLON = Athenian statesman
RHEA = goddess (Greek) moon (Saturn)
TITIVATE = smarten up
POSSUM = play dead
HOBBY = small species of falcon
LAST = shoemakers model of a foot on which shoes are made or repaired
RATLINE = Any of the small ropes or lines forming steps in the rigging of ships
CARD = comb; an instrument for combing wool
ZABAGLIONE = dessert; Italian custard
AMORETTO = lover
ALAMEDA = walk through the trees
OBLATIONS = religious offerings
EID = muslim festival; (Eid al-Adha, Eid al Fitr)
head off = AVERT (rather than deletion of first letter)
HORAL = every 60 minutes
Dismantle = UNRIG
DISHED = completely frustrated
OGIVE = Statistical representation
GENOA = sail
PERSEPHONE = godess (Grk)
MATCHLOCK = musket
COWRIE = shell, mollusc
OPAL = Some people consider OPAL to be unlucky?
VALETA = dance
UMBRA = In darkness; shadow
CLOISONNÉ = enamelware
ORMOLU = alloy; gilt brass;
PILASTER = column
FOOTPADS = highwaymen
IDE = fish
LAMBENT = playing over;
POP SHOP = uncle’s place; pawn broker
FOOTPADS = highwaymen
ANCHORITE = hermit;
SOLIDUS = coin no longer used; Roman coin
SS = saints cf ST
LIT = set down; alight
WARHORSE = song often performed
BROUGHAM = Horse-drawn coach; carriage
BLUE = over-extravagant; to squander
SERAGLIO = Accommodation for many women
SHAW = wood; a small wood
TON = fashion
ANDIRON = firedog
GUNPOWDER = tea; sort of green China tea
OBTRUDE = to be intrusive
EQUIPAGE = attendants;
COSTMARY = aromatic plant
CHARLOCK = wild weedy type;
KONRAD LORENZ = zoologist
OBOL = Ancient Greek coin
defile = PASS
MOA = old bird;
ELL = length of history;
TORONTO BLESSING = religious behaviour (from Canada)
VERITY = truth
SCRATCH = money; cash
OBI = sash; sash worn with a kimono
TRACTOR = tower
TARN = lake;
ESAU = hairy fellow
LAPIDARY = jeweller; a cutter of stones, gem expert
BROCK = badger;
FONTINA = cheese
CHEESE IT = look out;


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