Words 1

unordered (for now) list copied from my old notebook and blog posts.

ASPIRATE = aitch, h
MEGRIM = headache
PALINODE = recantation
IMAGO =  adult form of insect
OBSTRUSE = difficult to understand
TRACERY = decorative pattern
LOGICISING = arguing
ADIT = opening, entrance; shaft into mine
CHIMERA = fancy; unrealistic dream or notion
ETUI = case; small case for needles or cosmetics
INGRATE = thankless person
HEELTAP = last drop (left in glass)
DITTYBAG = bag; sailors bag
DITTYBOX = box; sailors box
NOSTRUM = quack remedy
CLERIHEW = humourous verse
APOSTASY (APOSTATE) = treachery; Abandonment of religeous/political beliefs/principles (renegade)
INTROIT = anthem
MACRAME = fringe work
DIRK = knife;scottich dagger
ODEUM = Greek theatre
MUMCHANCE = silent
RHEUM = discharge
ORERY = heavenly model going like clockwork
DRYAD = sprite; Greek nymph
FURLOUGH = leave
NEXUS = bond, link; connection between things in a series
SULTANA = sultans wife
EMERITUS (EMERITI) = retired proffessor(s)
EN CLAIRE = plain, not cryptic; ordinary language not  cipher
MENAGE = family
OBSIDIAN = result of volcanic activity
FOEMEN = enemies
ORLOP = lowest deck of ship
CINCH = saddle girth, easy
SASHIMI = Japanese dish
MAINSHEET = rope; line used to control angle of mainsail
GREENSWARD = grassy area
MALEFACTOR = evildoer; person who commits crime or other wrondoing
MALFEASANCE = illeagal deed
TIPSTAFF = officer of the court, metal tipped staff
CRACKSMAN = burglar esp. safebreaker
ALIEN = unfamiliar, disturbing, offensive
RILL = small stream
MANTILLA = ladies scarf
MISERE = game played to lose
ARETE = ridge
EVINCE = show
BESOM = brush, stick broom
ECHT = genuine, true
SKOALL = SKOL = cheers!
APHIS = aphid
TRAGEDEAN = old actor (in tragedies)
CARIES = degeneration, decay, crumbling (of teeth or bone)
SHOT = opalescent (as in shot material)
MANTUA = gown;loose womans gown
RECTO = page; Right hand page of an open book or front of a loose document cf. VERSO
TENOR = general sense, tendancy
REVERS = turnover; lapel; Turned back edge of garment revealing undersurface
LIEN (LIENS) = right(s); Right to keep property belonging to another until debt is discharged
ELECTRA = mythalogical female
CORPORATION = paunch, pot; pot-belly
ORGANSA = silky material
PROSCRIBE = denounce, condemn
VOTARY = devoted adherant
DISTAFF = woman’s work, female lie, stick
EMEND = make corrections
STET = let it stand; put back; restore after marking for deletion
FIAT = order, “let it be done”, official sanction
SAW = proverb, maxim, adage, saying
LEGATE = emissary
SIN DEI = indefinately adjourned
GENET = mammal, cat like nocturnal mammal of CIVET family
LONG PIG = term for human flesh  as food in pacific islands
AUNT SALLY = easy target; person or thing set up for critisism or abuse
MAHOUT = Person who works with and rides elephants
SYBARITE = devotee of luxury
PSALTERY = old instrument like dulcimer
ERENOW = in a previous age, formerly before now, herefore etc.
CALUMET = peace pipe (Native American)
OLENT = scented
REACH = stretch of open water
COLON = stop (punctuation mark), organ (of the body)
MIDINETTE = Parisian salesgirl
CANARD = false rumour
MISPRISION = dereliction, failure of duty
GAMP = umbrella sl.
RAMP = swindle (ramp up)
DAVIT = ship’s crane
SATYR = lustful man; woodland creature (part man part goat) in Greek mythology
BOSS = raised detail (emboss)
SHAMBLES = abattoir
COURSER = swift horse
PAINTER = rope used to tie up boat
AYE = allways, yes
AUGHT = anything
INST (INST.) = “this month”
LITOTES = (ironic) understatement, not inconsiderably mad
RETICULUM network;fine net-like structure
ASCOT = cravat (broad silk necktie), carriage
EXEUNT = stage direction for group of characters to exit “they leave”
PSITICOSIS =parrot’s disease
RAILLERY = (light hearted) banter, CHAFF
CHAFF = (light hearted) banter, roughage, rib (ribs = CHAFFS)
POTALE = (by-product of distilling used as) fertiliser
LIGHTERMAN = dockworker, stevedore, waterman
ECHO = spurned by Narcissus
POTHER = fuss
ASSAY (ASSAYED) = evaluate, test, analyse; esp. metals
BOTHY = hut
PUNCTILIO = petty detail
MOTE = spot; particle of dust
ACME = top, highest, peak, summit of achievement; point at which something is most developed (AKME Gk. = highest)
ICHOR = fluid of the Gods
SALUBRIOUS = healthy
CROUP = hind quarters of an animal esp. horse
TUN = cask, barrel
SALT = dry sense of humour, sailor
AGORA = square (Gk.) cf. FORUM
UPCAST = thrown in the air
EXPEDITION = promptness; prmptness or speed of doing something
QUARREL = arrow or bolt for crossbow (ARBALEST)
GREET = weep, cry
NACRE (NACREOUS) mother of pearl
SALLY = rush, set out;”sally forth” FORAY
KEN = know, recognise, understand
PETER = safe, cashbox, strongbox; Peter Pan/Can
PETERS (OUT) = fades
LING = heather
NAP = the horse to bet on, game, win all five tricks in NAP(OLEAN)
IMPRESS = force (press gang)
SHANGHAI = tricked, forced (into something unpleasant)
NIOBEAN = Tantalus’s daughter
MENDICANT = beggar
HELOT = slave
BANG = fringe (hair – more often BANGS)
QUEUE = pigtail
PASSE PARTOUT = card mounting
PALITINATE =province
DIP = pickpocket
TROUSSEAU = collected things before a match; brides outfit of clothing
BISHOP = mulled/spiced wine
ROOK = swindle
ESTOP = bar, exclude, stop (by law/court be ESTOPPED)
SEE = diocese, BISHPRIC, office or jurestiction of a Bishop e.g. ELY
TOPE = drunk; habitually drink to excess
ENNUI = boredom, listlessness
CUTIS = skin
WALLOP = beer
DIET = conference, (foreign) parliament
NOSEGAY = posey, flowers; Fragrent posey/bunch of flowers
TESTATOR = willing person;person making a will
ALBEIT = allthough
GIMCRACK = tat; flashy but cheaply or badly made
TRUMPERY = worthles stuff
CON = study, learn by heart
INLIER = outcrop (of older rock among newer)
INTER = cover, bury
BEVY = flock of birds esp. quail etc.
SUBORN = bribe
SCOT = tax
BRIO = vivacious spirit
UNCLE = pawn broker
ADZE = tool, axe like carpenters tool
WHIPSAW = (type of) saw
DUDGEON = anger
CHOLER = anger
APOLOGIA = justification; written defence
FRAPPE = chilled, iced
MOSAIC = Jewish Law; of or associated with Moses
SHIFT = dress
LIGHTS = offal, lungs (of animals esp. sheep,pigs etc.)
LOGGIA = open gallery
FETECHAMPETRE = outdoor entertainment; Fr. fete
DO (DO.) = ditto
ABBA = father; father ( Muslim familiar) or biblical (God of the father)
TERPITUDE = evil, base (character or attitude)
JAPAN = varnish; type of laquer
ANTINOMY = paradox
IMMURE (IMMURED) = shut up (within walls)
REPINE = fret, (feel or express) regret, murmer
TILE = hat
OPERA HAT = type of hat
PIKESTAFF = plain as (a pike handle)
WISEACRE = someone who assumes an air of superior wisdom
NOISOME = disgusting, offensive, stinking
AD ASTRA = “to the stars”
BASINFUL = more than enough
DRAGOMAN = (eastern) guide
MANTA = old Spanish blanket
LAYETTE = set of clothes (complete with blankets etc. for baby)
KINE = cows
NEAT = bovine animal
COCKBOAT = small boat often a tender for and towed behind a larger vessel
DAM = mother,female parent – used of animals esp. cattle
FORM = burrow (of a hare)
CODICIL = suplement or addition to a will
BUNCE = profit
ANTIPHON = church music,hymn or psalm sung call and respose
EARNEST = fortaste of things to come; part payment in advance to seal agreement
CATARACT = watrefall, downpour
DOSSER = pannier, bag or basket
EDUCE = bring out, infer, develop, derive
REGNANT = ruling,reining
MUCKLE (MICKLE) = large, much, greatly (Scotish)
MASQUE = entertainment with disguise;masked ball
RUMMER = large drinking glass
PHILIPPIC = bitter verbal attack
WHATNOT = portable stand
CHITTERLINGS = guts; pig intestines cooked as food
SWITCH = hairpiece; tress of false or detached hair
COMENSAL = messmate; living in close association
SOPHISM = deceptive (specious) argument
DOGTROT = gentle run
FACTOTUM = versatile worker
VEST = secure
ALBS = services;
RED CENT = (v.small) amount of money
BEAR GARDEN = place of uproar
LORGNETTE = (long handled) spectacles
CAR BOY = large (storage) bottle
EQUIPE = sports team
VITRIFY = turn into glass
JOBS COMFORTER = person who’s attempts at sympathy have the effect of adding to one’s distress
NASCENT =  beginning to develop
NAIF =  naive
REFRESHERS = extras; extra payment given to barristers in long or adjourned case
ROISTER(s) = (romps); engage in noisy or unrestrained merrymaking
ACCRETE = unite, cause to grow together
NESCIENT = lacking knowledge, ignorant
MECHANIC = labourer
CHARY = worry
BACKSLIDE = relapse into bad ways or error
RECIVIDEST = reoffending (ep. repeatedly) criminal
ROUGHNECK = oil rig worker
DOG IN A MANGER = spoilsport; one who prevents access to something even though they cannot make use of it themselves
BROKEN REED = unreliable type; weak or ineffectual person
RIME = ice; (hoar) frost
QUID = tobacco (lump for chewing)
MYRMIDON = camp follower; follower, henchman (Gk. myth)
OBEISANT (OBEISANCE) = knowing (deference, homage, honour)
SUPPLIANT = petitioner
EMMET = ant
JUMP SEAT = extra seat (fold down in aeroplane cockpit)
CUSPIDOR = spittoon
GINGER GROUP = dissenting faction
BARK = scrape or rub off skin (from shin)
QUIRE = (24/25) sheets of paper
CONCORDAT = agreement, pact
SCREEN = large sieve or RIDDLE
RIDDLED = being screened
BLEAR = dull, filmy; make dull
KRIS = Malay dagger
GLAD EYE = eager look (designed to attract opposite sex)
MUSICALE = party; musical soiree
CHOREA = nervous disorder
LODESTAR = guide; star by which ship is navigated esp. pole star
RARE EARTH = oxides
ANATHEMA = curse
CAPRICE = fancy
MARC = stuff left over from wine making
TACK = foodstuff esp. ship’s biscuit
MACRON = mark; mark placed oer letter to indicate long vowel
CEDILLA =  mark
DIACRITIC = mark (or sign) indicating change in pronunciation
ACROSTIC = word puzzle
THIRD ESTATE = Hoi Polloi; the common people as part of a political system cf. FOURTH ESTATE = the press
NOTARISED = attest, authenticate
SINECURE = picnic; office with pay but no duties
VASSAL = slave
CORUNDUM  = crystalline aluminium oxide eg. SAPPHIRE, RUBY or EMERY
LEGEND = caption
PTOMAINE = poison once; compounds of unpleasant smell and taste found in putrefying matter
ANA = cllection of remeniscences
HASSOCK = kneeling cussion, tuft of grass
EXPIATE = make amends for, pay penalty
ADIPOSE = fat (of or containing)
ICONOCLAST = one hating the image; breaker of images or pictures esp. religeous
HAIL FELLOW = over familiar, excessive friendliness
SANDBAGGER = surprise attacker
BELLWETHER = fashion leader; leading sheep of flock, trend indicator
ORLOP = lowest deck of ship
ABASE (ABASEMENT) = humiliate, degrade (humiliation)
CAVE = beware (L.)
IBIDEM = same place; IB IBID same book paper etc. was previously cited
TOD = fox
PICA = old type size
BARBICAN = (outer) defence of castle esp. tower
MARTELLO = tower; small circular fots on coast built during Napoleonic Wars
EPERGNE = centre piece; ornamental centre piece for dining table
CHAPLET = string of beads; third of a Rosary
EXPATIATE = discourse; speak or write in detail about
STOCK =  rooted plant into which scion is grafted (GILLYFLOWER)
INGLE = fireplace, hearth
ORDINAL = RC church service book, number showing position
CARDINAL = number expressing quantity, RC priest
ORACULAR (ORACLE) = prophetic (in an enigmatic way) (DELPHI)
ISTHMUS = eg. Panama, neck of land between two seas
NEOLOGISM = produce new word
WIND GAP = dry valley, cut through a ridge by a river that no longer flows
EVANESCE = disappear; pass out of sight, memory or existence
POSTERN = gate, back or side entrance
INDIGENT = poor, needy (adj.) or poor/needy person (noun)
ATHWART = cockeyed, across from side to side, transverse
CELERITY = quickness, swiftness of movement
CARAPACE shield, hard upper shell of tortoise crustacean or arachnid etc.
CHARON = river crosser, old man who ferried the souls of the dead across the STYX and ACHERON to HADES
HA-HA = wall or other boundary marker set in a ditch so as not to disrupt landscape view.
TON = style, fashion or distinction
HAVER = show hesitation
LACUNA (LACUNAE) = gap or space esp. in book or manuscript
ABADDON = wicked fellow, the devil/hell
MISTIGRIS = joker or blank card used as a wild card
PARI PASSU = together, side by side, at the same rate or on an equal footing
PAINTER = rope (attached to boat for tying to quay)
AGUE = fever, fit, shivering; fever , shivering fit or diease eg. Malaria
EWER = jug
EXECRATE = denounce, swear, curse; feel or express great loathing for
WOLF = eat
GUTTER = almost go out (flame); flicker and burn unsteadily
PALATINATE = province
PRESENTIMENT = foreboding
SERAPHIC = heavenly
DEMI-MONDAINE = one supported by wealthy lover
MANTICORE = monster
OSSO BUCO = knucke; Italian dish of knuckle
KETTLED = trapped
DANSEUR = Male ballet dancer
BABEL = confused sounds
HIE = hasten
CRUSE = small earthenware pot, small cup or bottle
CHAFF = banter
PROSIT (PROST) = good health, cheers; L. “may it benefit”
BAGGAGE = saucy girl
SAMOVAR  = metal urn; (Russian) tea urn often decorated
ARBITRAGE = financial exploitation; exploitation of market defects for profit eg buying shares in one country and selling in another; arbitration
AVAUNT = boast, get away (begone)
STRAPPADO = punishment


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