Words 3

O dear the sequel:

priestly robe = COPE

compass = AMBIT = scope
fabric = DAMASK

one gathers = GLEANER = one (who) gathers

repartee = PERSIFLAGE
stew = POT AU FEU
COURSE = race

instruction to stop = AVAST
book = AV (Auhorised Version ie. King James Bible)

tone = SIENNA
judge = REF
CRAZE = crack

language = YORUBA
bread = DAMPER

drama = NOH (or NO) = Traditional Japanese drama.
fine linen = LAWN

a bender = PATELLA

piece of luggage = PORTMANTEAU

tick = CREDIT
ULSTER = type of coat

PANEGYRIC = public laudation
Superior = U cf. socially acceptable

poison = CURARE

SALLY = witty remark, salley’s = REPARTEE

banks = the end letters of a word
TROIKA = pottery, vehicle
correct = BLUE PENCIL

capital growth = HAIR (capital = head)
something for devotees = PRAYER RUG
fial check = MATE

ball = 0

feast = REGALE

FOOT = Divison of a line of poetry
camp = COTERIE
top lady = ER

drowned valley = RIA

ENDUE = to invest (with); supply or provide with.

TERMAGANT = scold; a shrewish woman

doughnuts = ANNULI

official minutes of proceedings = ACTA

lawywer’s assistant = PARALEGAL

exercise = USE
silent = MUM
CANTON = part of territory
MUSEUM = place of learning

CHAPLET = flower arrangement
when = AS
personality = EGO

ORIBI = antelope
GREENSWARD = ancient grassland

Lorraine’s very = TRES (Lorraine = French region) old fashioned = PASSE
ASSAGAI = weapon
while = AS

Digested = ABRIDGED

bad speller = WITCH

UIST = island

Frenchman = SERGE
on the phone = h.

flashing = anag.
worn = FRAYS h. PHRASE = sequence of words
TERRA FIRMA h. extreme fear = TERROR and more established = FIRMER

coinage = anag.

LOOSEBOX = stable
Ramble aimlessly = MAUNDER
way of performing = MO (MODUS OPERANDI)

Farmhouse = GRANGE

Tourist in Cornwall = EMMET
walrus = MORSE

Old-fashioned punishment = TAWSE
ministers house = MANSE
South African village = KRAAL
service = MATTINS

Inverness = (type of) OVERCOAT
Eastern inn = KHAN


lovemaking = SPOON
one’s = I’m
taps = HANDC
PET = sulk; in a strop etc.
SKEWBALD = Anything but black and white; horses colouring/pattern cf PIEBALD

SPRAY = small branch of a tree or plant which has delicate leaves and flowers growing on it, any decoration that is an imitation of this; a small bouquet of flowers.

ROAN = horse; type of coat colour of animal esp. horse

wound up = MIAM wound = MAIM, up = reverse

BREVIARY = church book

goddess = POMONA
wrench = RICKS

PHARISAIC = hypocritical; from PHARISEE
PURLIEU = site frequently visited; someones usual haunts (cf PURLIEUS)

PINION = to hold or bind someone’s arms

PURVIEW = range; scope

CESS = tax; a local rate

fellow traveller = One who sympathises with a political movement without being a member – usually applied to the left?

ANANAS = Pineapple

on the house = FOC

LISLE = thread; type of cotton, originally produced in Lisle, France.
PSALTERS = religious texts; book containing psalms
HABERGEON = mail armour; A sleeveless coat or jacket of mail or scale armour, originally smaller and lighter than a HAUBERK

TANGLE = type of seaweed

NONAGE = Minority of lawyers;legally underage
FLAG = Iris

mould = MATRIX
TOURNEDOS = steaks; cf filet mignon

LEI = wreath; Hawaiian garland

YESHIVA = Jewish school
BAPTISTERY = water container
INTERNODE = bit of a nerve

MOONRAKER = Wiltshireman

ULNAR = of bone; adj. of ULNA
TONGA = vehicle; Indian two wheeler
SIAMANG = ape; large black gibbon

GEORGE = autopilot

ANIMUS = hostility

OWL = solemn person
CLANGOUR = loud noise

JOLLY (Jolly Jack Tar) = RM (Royal Marine); sailor
EGG = mine; slang for a mine or bomb/grenade

GORSEDD = welsh assembly
ESTANCIA = cattle station; Spanish/Brazilian estate, ranch

MANIOC = CASSAVA = YUCA = South American plant grown for edible root

PALISADE = stakes; fence made of wooden poles
PRINCIPAL = original advance; original amount of money of a loan on which interest is paid.

NONET = group of singers; group of nine things esp. musicians


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