Words ’17

FRESHET = flood; stream of fresh water
LEGERDEMAIN = trickery; juggling, sleight-of-hand
BRAKE = thicket
FRONTISPIECE = Illustration in book (at the front facing title page)

DECAMERON = collected tales; Boccaccio’s book of 100 stories
OBLATE = religious type; dedicated; one dedicated to monastic life but not professed;
RITENUTO = restrained; indicating sudden slowing of tempo
CATTY = Chinese measure; unit of weight in SE Asia and China
TOXOPHOLITE = lover of archery
GOBY = spiny-finned fish
MARRAM = (seaside) grass; often grown to counteract erosion
PROLIX = long-winded;
EDENTATE = Sloth, say; toothless; lacking front teeth
EDENTATA = mammals with no front or any teeth such as sloths, anteaters and armadillos

ARAUCARIA = evergreen; monkey puzzle
COMPANION LADDER = one’s located between decks; ladder or stair between deck and cabin/quarterdeck
ARRIVISTE = people on the make
SCRIMSHAW = Sailor’s handiwork; engraving shells/whales teeth or other handicraft by sailors in their spare time.
ODOUR = reputation; repute (figurative)
PRESBYTERY = part of church (reserved for officiating priests); The presbyterian system

TOURMALINE = mineral
BATS IN THE BELFRY = plant; Campanula Trachelium; Nettle-leaved Bellflower
GULL = easily outwitted; a dupe
BYRE = neat residence; cowshed
HOYDEN = tomboy
DISCOMFIT = perplex

Symptom of poisoning = LEAD COLIC
LIEF = willingly; beloved
ASHLAR = stonework; finely jointed masonry of dressed stone

LINDEN = Lime tree
interminable = deletion (of last letter)
SIDELIGHT = Bit of incidental information; Any incidental illustration

AGITATO = musically excited
GORGE = throat
RATE = chide; scold; reprove

MIGHT AND MAIN = utmost strength

HEBE = shrub
NAHUM = part of Bible; Old Testament book
DIXIE = pot; military cooking pot or kettle
LIFE ESTATE = estate owned during the life of the possessor
FAIENCE = earthenware

STAPES = ear-bone; stirrup
BALMORAL = coverage for Scotsman; round flat Scottish bonnet with a pompom
TUAREG = nomadic people; Berber from the Sahara
XHOSA = African; Bantu speaking peoples from the South African Cape
CACHET = mark; private seal on a letter; distinctive stamp
ALB = clerical garb; long white sleeved vestment

BANDBOX = something from the milliner’s?; light box for bands, caps millinery etc.

SCOW = boat
VARICELLA = disease; chickenpox

TUMBREL = cart used to take victims to the guillotine
OCTAVE = An eight-day celebration; last day of eight in a church festival

SNIFTER = brandy glass

LUCERNE = Forage crop; plant resembling clover

RAGDOLL = cat breed
BEL PAESE = Italian cheese

CARBOY = bottle; large bottle with a casing for storing or transporting dangerous chemicals

DAFT DAYS = season of gaiety and merrymaking