DT 28403 – DT 28407

DT 28403

Met Blur, excitedly — many were carried away by it and lost their heads (7) = TUMBREL

excitedly = anagram (of Met Blur)

Last in and favourite:

This by itself would be in a gradual process (6) = LITTLE

Cryptic clue, gradual process = LITTLE BY LITTLE

DT 28404
DT 28405
DT 28406

Last in and favourite clue:

Perks with scary novel that has lots of American’s stories (10) = SKYSCRAPERS

novel = anagram (of perks + scary)

Also liked:

Felicity’s mouth organ is roughly pitched? (5) = FLUNG

Felicity’s mouth = F, organ = LUNG

DT 28407

An eight-day celebrationone goes from do to do (6) = OCTAVE

Double definition.

TUMBREL = cart used to take victims to the guillotine
OCTAVE = An eight-day celebration; last day of eight in a church festival

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