DT 28379 – DT 28383

DT 28379

A charming utterance but it’s inflammable (9) TOUCHWOOD

Double definition if split 4,4.

DT 28380

Promise ‘Road to Hell’ in prime locations (4) = OATH

prime locations = 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th letters

DT 28381

Record solve! Favourite clue:

Mostly firm rear — hard to express disapproval! (8) = HARUMPH

mostly = deletion, firm = HARD, rear = RUMP, hard = H

DT 28382

As is usual after a record time really struggled with this one.

Flash artist in Globe — top coverage for Scotsman (8) = BALMORAL

flash = MO, artist = RA, globe = BALL

Timbuktu, a region including nomadic people (6) = TUAREG

Hidden word.

DT 28383

African has ox butchered (5) = XHOSA

butchered = anagram (of has ox)

Mark‘s store, first thing you see in town (6) = CACHET

store = CAHE, first thing you see in town = T

European in clerical garb given a new Scottish name (8) = ALBANIAN

clerical garb = ALB, a = A, new = N, Scottish name = IAN

BALMORAL = coverage for Scotsman; round flat Scottish bonnet with a pompom
TUAREG = nomadic people; Berber from the Sahara
XHOSA = African; Bantu speaking peoples from the South African Cape
CACHET = mark; private seal on a letter; distinctive stamp
ALB = clerical garb; long white sleeved vestment

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