DT 28373 – DT 28377

DT 28373

Some pine for a £500 crossword (6,6) = MONKEY PUZZLE

£500 = MONKEY, crossword = PUZZLE

DT 28374
DT 28375
DT 28376

Some young volunteers rejected in private fashionable set (10) = GLITTERATI

Some young = LITTER, volunteers = TA, rejected = reversal, private = GI

DT 28377

Dismissed end to end, we hear (5,3) = THREW OUT

we hear = homophone, end to end = THROUGHOUT h. THREW OUT

METRO 16/3/17

Shrub found in all the best gardens (4) = HEBE

Hidden word.

Times 26671

Human being altered part of Bible (5) = NAHUM

altered = anagram (of human)

Officers in crew, say, put on warship (6) = SUBSET

Got this one wrong. Overlapping double definition or not quite &Lit? I suppose officers are a subset of the crew and crew, say = SET and warship = SUB

Times 26673

What would be left, see, at one’s perishing? (4,6) = LIFE ESTATE

perishing = anagram (of left see at + one = I). As in SUBSET above except got this one right. Left is part of the anagram and the definition. Benefit of the doubt makes it &Lit

Sink about ten with one pot (5) = DIXIE

sink = DIE, ten = X, one = I

Favourite clue, great definition:

Calls for flogging, note, diminished, for consuming alcohol (9) = TELESALES

note = TE, diminished = LESS, consuming = containment, alcohol = ALE

HEBE = shrub
NAHUM = part of Bible; Old Testament book
DIXIE = pot; military cooking pot or kettle
LIFE ESTATE = estate owned during the life of the possessor

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