DT 28361 – DT 28365

DT 28361

Glorious rendering of ‘Under the Linden-tree’ (7) = SUBLIME

under = SUB, linden tree = LIME

DT 28362
DT 28363
DT 28364

Brexit starts with Conservatives getting optimistic (6) = BRIGHT

Brexit starts with = B, Conservatives = RIGHT

DT 28365

Pretty tricky today, last in:

Shakespearean fool has little right to be sore (6) = FESTER

Shakespearean fool = FESTE, little right = R

Some favourites:

Surviving no longer with blemish, having lost heart (6) = EXTANT

no longer = EX, blemish = TAINT, having lost heart = deletion

Happen to regret meeting with space traveller (4,4) = COME TRUE

to regret = RUE, space traveller = COMET

LINDEN = Lime tree

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