DT 28336

Snoop around about small storage space in part of church (10) = PRESBYTERY

snoop = PRY, round = containment, about = RE, small = S, storage space = BYTE

Last in were these two:

Tiny amount of holiday in spring (4) = WHIT

Double definition.

Stand in sea in disguise that may be put on to fish (9) = BEARNAISE

stand = BEAR, in disguise = anagram (of in sea)

This was obvious from the checking letters and definition but although I’m sure I’ve seen this construction before I couldn’t find it in the blog. Maybe I’ll remember next time!

Useless person that could conceivably make Waterloo subject to flooding (4-3-7) = GOOD FOR NOTHING

good = G, for = replacement, nothing = O, waterlog = subject to flooding

PRESBYTERY = part of church (reserved for officiating priests); The presbyterian system

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