DT 28337 – DT 28341

DT 28337

Classical carol for the faithful feels edited as in error (6,7) = ADESTE FIDELES

in error = anagram (of feels edited as)

“O Come, All Ye Faithful” was originally written in Latin as ADESTE FIDELES.

In the version of the puzzle downloaded by my iThing’s “crosswords” app this was clued as:

Revamped edited files as classical carol for the faithful (6,7) = ADESTE FIDELIS sic.

Note the speiling eore in the answer. This was edited on the Torygraph puzzle site to the version above with the correct answer spelling. The crossing clue, and one crossing that, were also edited causing me great confusion when entering the puzzle on line.

Favourite clue:

Completely honest followers of Scarborough and Leicester (4,3,6) = FAIR AND SQUARE

Cryptic definition. The folk song Scarborough Fair and the London landmark Leicester Square.

DT 28338

Didn’t see this for ages, favourite clue of the day:

One espousing leather trousers? (6) = SINGLE

Hidden word.

DT 28339

Favourite clue:

Worst and best breaks a driver may get (3,5) = PIT STOPS

Double definition if split 4,4: worst = PITS, best = TOPS

DT 28340

Three notes on commonly-spoken bully, person changing sides (8) = DEFECTOR

three notes = DEF, bully = HECTOR, commonly-spoken = deletion; drop H

Flier in queue weighed down by box (7) = SPARROW

queue = ROW, weighed down = under (in down clue), box = SPAR

DT 28341

Go around northernmost place in Ireland — finally locate valuable mineral (10) = TOURMALINE

go around = TOUR, northernmost place in Ireland = MALIN, finally locate = E

Wikipedia tells me that Malin has twice won the Irish Tidy Towns Competition (1970 and 1991) and was runner-up in 2002.

Finish the whole affair and drink neat gin? (4,4,4,2) = HAVE DONE WITH IT

Double definition maybe if your usual is gin and IT?

TOURMALINE = mineral

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