DT 28331 – DT 28335

DT 28331

Quite a lot of riddle type cryptic clues eg:

Actor who needs projection to reach his audience (4,4) = FILM STAR

And the usual smooth surface readings:

Sailor’s fears are disguised (8) = SEAFARER

disguised = anagram (of fears are)

DT 28332

Evergreen song about gold vehicle (9) = ARAUCARIA

song = ARIA, about = containment, gold = AU, vehicle = CAR

Run after mate one’s located between decks (9,6) = COMPANION LADDER

run = LADDER, mate = COMPANION

DT 28333

Comes to accept first people on the make (10) = ARRIVISTE

comes = ARRIVES, first = IST

I’m sure I’ve seen this before but can’t find it:

Sailor’s handiwork and most of charisma developed in South-West (9) = SCRIMSHAW

most of = deletion, developed = anagram (of charism), South-West = SW

Unusual definition:

Love stern reputation (5) = ODOUR

love = O, stern = DOUR

Favourite clue:

Gun initially held by lunatic seen on the rocks (10) = STONEHENGE

gun initially = G, lunatic = anagram (of seen on the)

DT 28334

One disposed of sweetheart’s fabulous bride (6) = ISOLDE

one = I, disposed of = SOLD, sweetheart = E

Isolde (Iseult) adulterous lover of Tristan in Arthurian legend.

Look thoroughly? That’s an astronomer (6) = LOWELL

look = LO, thoroughly = WELL

Percival Lowell (1855-1916) popularised the Martian canal/intelligent life theory.

DT 28335

Dismissed, like a badly behaved tennis player? (3,3,2,5) = PUT OUT OF COURT

Double definition. Not run out of court as I originally put.

One having dodgy egg around four? Remedy needed (8) = CURATIVE

One having dodgy egg = CURATE, around = containment, four = IV

Didn’t know the expression A “curate’s egg” originally came from an 1895 Punch cartoon titled “True Humility”.

ARAUCARIA = evergreen; monkey puzzle
COMPANION LADDER = one’s located between decks; ladder or stair between deck and cabin/quarterdeck
ARRIVISTE = people on the make
SCRIMSHAW = Sailor’s handiwork; engraving shells/whales teeth or other handicraft by sailors in their spare time.
ODOUR = reputation; repute (figurative)

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