DT 28325 – 28329

DT 28325

Collected tales, edited, about English PM (9) = DECAMERON

edited = ED, about = reversal, English PM = CAMERON

‘The Decameron’ Giovanni Boccaccio (1313ā€“1375)

DT 28326

DT 28327

Poor grandpa’s regularly taking something in bed (10) = SNAPDRAGON

poor = anagram (of grandpas), regularly taking something = ON

Religious type delayed by old bishop (6) = OBLATE

delayed = LATE, old = O, bishop = B

DT 28328

DT 28329

Restrained ceremony offered by Brazil, say, with love (8) = RITENUTO

ceremony = RITE, Brazil, say = NUT, love = O

Chinese measure seen to be spiteful (5) = CATTY

Double definition.

DECAMERON = collected tales; Boccaccio’s book of 100 stories
OBLATE = religious type; dedicated; one dedicated to monastic life but not professed;
RITENUTO = restrained; indicating sudden slowing of tempo
CATTY = Chinese measure; unit of weight in SE Asia and China

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