DT 28319 – DT 28323

DT 28319

Warn one that’s amusing (7) = CAUTION

Double definition. The BRB has CAUTION = alarming, amusing or astonishing

Can never remember this:

A lump in one’s throat (5) = UVULA

Cryptic definition.

DT 28320

Last in:

Find fault in character’s weight (7) = TONNAGE

find fault = NAG, character = TONE

Pretty sure I’ve seen this before but can’t find it:

Perhaps swimming off Isle of Wight is disrespectful (8) = INSOLENT

Double definition if split 2,6

DT 28321

Illustration in book of head one’s cut (12) = FRONTISPIECE

head = FRONT, one = I, s = S, PIECE

DT 28322

Almost Private Eye territory here:

leaves old husband over sex frolics finally (5) = EXITS

old husband = EX, sex = IT, frolics finally = S

DT 28323

Unfortunately me at the moment:

My friend, former runner? (3,4) = OLD BEAN

former = OLD, runner? = BEAN

More Private Eye stylee? Ok just me then:

Catch the female going down under (6) = NETHER

catch = NET, the female = HER

Last in:

Way in which you see revolutionary left-winger rambles (8) = MEANDER

way = MEANS, left winger = RED, revolutionary = reversal

FRONTISPIECE = Illustration in book (at the front facing title page)

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