DT 28301 – DT 28305

DT 28301

Itinerant craftsman and ancient poetic character (7) = MARINER

Double definition.

DT 28302

Collected another belt, boxing (3,5,3) = THE NOBLE ART

collected = anagram (of another belt)

DT 28303

Pictures mostly universal church returning and promoting unity (8) = ECUMENIC

Pictures = CINEMA, mostly = deletion, universal = U, cheurch = CE, retiurning = reversal

Hungry and keen to join group (5-3) = SHARP-SET

keen = SHARP, group = SET

See below part of mainframe (5) = INFRA

Hidden word.

Hungry and keen to join group (5-3)

DT 28304

Paratrooper is Hebridean fellow, we hear (6) = SKYMAN

we hear = homophone, Hebridean fellow = SKYE MAN h. SKYMAN

DT 28305

Number classically in exile (6) = ELEVEN

Sort of cryptic hidden word.

SHARP-SET = hungry; keen in appetite for anything
ECUMENIC = promoting unity; A movement within the church towards unity on all fundamental issues.
INFRA = see below
SKYMAN = paratrooper

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