DT 28283 – DT 28287

DT 28283

Been a while since I enjoyed a Monday as much as this. Thought I’d come across these two before but nothing comes up in the blog search:

Virtue that’s cultivated (7) = HONESTY

Double definition.

Order some frozen joints (6) = ENJOIN

Hidden word.

Favourite clues:

Pound notes may be what it means to a musician! (10) = FORTISSIMO

Cryptic definition.

Gaelic verses with no beginning or end (4) = ERSE

Hidden word.

DT 28284

OK playing violin tune to mass inside (4,2,8) = FAIR TO MIDDLING

playing violin = FIDDLING, tune = AIR, mass = M

DT 28285

A couple of favourites:

Synthetic hair worn by mother and daughter (3-4) = MAN-MADE

mother = MA, daughter = D, worn = containment, hair = MANE

Study in bed, covered in crumbs! (7) = BREADED

study = READ, bed = BED

DT 28286

Lord’s adjudication coming from posh member — I fume (8) = UMPIRAGE

posh = U, member = MP, I = I, fume = RAGE

DT 28287

Underground flow of water coming from toilet here (5) = LETHE

Hidden word.

Scottish engineer looked after cows (7) = RANKINE

looked after = RAN, cows = KINE

HONESTY = garden plant
ENJOIN = order
KINE = cows

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