DT 28277 – DT 28281

DT 28277

Volume of tax held over by company starting with nothing (6) = OCTAVO

tax = VAT, held over = reversal, company = CO, nothing = O

DT 28278
DT 28279

No new words.

DT 27280

Bishop is interrupting a QC, fearful creature (8) = BASILISK

bishop = B, is = IS, QC = SILK

DT 27281

Those wanting worn-out horse to move getting tools? (12) = SCREWDRIVERS

Double definition split 5,6 (worn-out horse = SCREW)

Small vehicle moving to Newgate (9) = WAGONETTE

moving = anagram (of to Newgate)

OCTAVO = volume; having 8 leaves to the sheet; a book so folded; book size
BASILISK = fearful creature; mythical serpent
SCREW = warn out horse; broken-winded horse (BRB!)
WAGONETTE = small vehicle

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