DT 28271 – DT 28715

DT 28271

If better times are coming, they won’t last (7) = RECORDS

Cryptic definition.

DT 28272

Pour alcoholic drink, drowning insect (2,6) = BE MOTHER

alcoholic drink = BEER, drowning = containment, insect = MOTH

DT 28273

Unusual pedantry dismissing DT word for linen (6) = NAPERY

unusual = anagram (of pedantry minus – dismissing – DT)

Last in:

Sort of music book, one of four (6) = GOSPEL

Double definition.

DT 28274

Sharpened edge of razor having finished exterior (8) = STROPPED

edge of razor = R, finished = STOPPED, exterioor = containment

DT 28275

Church leader like me will get involved with psalter (13) = KAPELLMEISTER

involved = anagram (of like me psalter)

Unusual chasm, a ravine that needs special card to gain access (4,7) = CASH MACHINE

Sailor to loiter, having lost heart in historical region (7) = TARTARY

sailor = TAR, to loiter = TARRY, having lost heart = deletion

NAPERY = linen
KAPELLMEISTER = church leader;
CHINE = ravine
TARTARY = historical region; vast ill defined area of Eastern Europe/Asia inhabited by Tartars

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