DT 28259 – DT 28263

DT 28259

Dragged to the altar? (5) = TOWED

Double definition if split 2,2

DT 28260

See number mobbing vehicle in Swiss resort (7) = LOCARNO

see = LO, number = NO, mobbing = containment, vehicle = CAR

DT 28261

Couple lacking source of cash for bank of Scotland (4) = BRAE

couple = BRACE, source of cash = C

DT 28262

Quite miserable penning record (7) = ITEMISE

Hidden word.

DT 28263

Report of Soviet satellite’s ordered system (6) COSMOS

report = homophone, Soviet satellite = KOSMOS

Everyone likes a good spoonerism:

Plant gives sheep terrible surprise according to Spooner (8) = SHAMROCK

sheep = RAM, terrible surprise = SHOCK

but favourite clue because of the surface reading:

Goddess undone by a hot pride (9) = APHRODITE

undone = nangram (of a hot pride)

BRAE = bank of Scotland
KOSMOS = Soviet satellite

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