DT 28235 – DT 28240

DT 28235

They’re for putting on for party people (6) = GREENS

Double definition.

DT 28236

An …er(s) (cf. flower,lower etc.) clue:

Assiduous searcher, bishop in the company of walkers (6) = FERRET

bishop = RR, walkers = FEET

DT 28237

The girl with new hat gets a cocktail dress (6) = SHEATH

the girl = SHE, new = anagram (of hat)

Undue rushing from rain, perhaps (13) = PRECIPITATION

Double definition.

Another …er(s) clue:

Identifies spot occupying listeners (8) = EARMARKS

spot = MARK, listeners = EARS

DT 28238

What you do with books of tradable status? (7) = SOLVENT

What you do = SOLVE, books = NT

US sect going wrong under the influence of drink? (5) = AMISH

Sort of cryptic homophone? going wrong = AMISS said/slurred as if under the influence.

DT 28239

SHEATH = cocktail dress; close fitting tubular dress

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