DT 28229 – DT 28233

DT 28229

Team for shooting gameWolves? (8,4) = FOOTBALL CLUB

Double definition.

DT 28230

Cow‘s bottom? (5) = LOWER

Double definition.

DT 28231

Spies area in underground lavatory (6,6) = SECRET AGENTS

area = A, underground = SECRET, lavatory = GENTS

DT 28232

Almost Private Eye worthy surface readings:

Lifted lady’s garment (5) = STOLE

Double definition.

Former husband with a male inspection (4) = EXAM

Former husband = EX, a = A, male = M

Painter beginning to stucco entrance (7) = INGRESS

painter = INGRES, beginning to stucco = S

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867) French Neoclassical painter.

DT 28233

Beloved Grace coming to the rescue (7) = DARLING

Double definition. Grace Darling (1815-1842) famous (well I think I’ve seen her name in a Torygraph crossword before but can’t find it in the blog) for participating in the rescue of survivors from the paddlesteamer, Forfarshire shipwrecked of the coast of Northumberland in 1838.

Entrant is put to work without delay (9) = INSTANTER

put to work = anagram (of entrant is)

What may provide a prod in, nastily (7) = PONIARD

nastily = anagram (of a prod in)

INSTANTER = without delay
PONIARD = small daggar


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