DT 28223 – DT 28227

DT 28223

Over the hill? (4,4,4) = PAST ONES PEAK


DT 28224

Flight of rocket with this person wearing space body suit (6,9) = SPIRAL STAIRCASE

rocket = SPIRAL, this person = I, space body = STAR, suit = CASE

DT 28225

Music producer secure in sleeping around (12) = GLOCKENSPIEL

secure = LOCK, around = anagram (of sleeping)

DT 28226

Domestic lifting? (8) = BURGALRY

Cryptic definition.

DT 28227

More than one wild animal in river by vessel delights (14) = HIPPOPOTAMUSES

in = HIP, river = PO, vessel = POT, delights = AMUSES

After first half of month perform in sport (4) = JUDO

month = JUNE, perform = DO

A whole week with no new words!  I’m sure I would only have come across LEI, TROUSSEAUX etc. from crosswords though.



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