DT 28139 – DT 28143

DT 28139

Some powerful maritime bird (6) = FULMAR

Hidden word.

Had this word with a different definition (poison) before:

Erect as this tree (4) = UPAS

Sort of cryptic definition split 2,2.

These two held me up for a bit:

Wire that may hold back a ship (5) CABLE

Cryptic definition.

Show appreciation of that figure (5) = DIGIT

Double definition if split 3,2

DT 28140
DT 28141
DT 28142
DT 28143

Cap all right when put wrong way round to cover top of head (5) = SHAKO

all right = OK, when = AS, top of head = H

FULMAR = bird
UPAS = tree
SHAKO = CAP; tall military cap with plume

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