DT 28109 – DT 28113

DT 28109

Took an absolute age. Last in were these two intersecting double definitions. I initially had STEP INTO GEAR which was half the problem.

Get dressed and prepare to go on a drive? (4,4,4) = SLIP INTO GEAR

It isn’t true it comes to a moral conclusion (5) = FABLE

DT 28110

Record solve time ever today and always nice to get the fabs in:

Tidy rapper adapted Beatles song (3,7) = DAT TRIPPER

DT 28111

Back to normality although I do quite like Wednesdays.

A couple of roads up at home? This causes an increase in blood pressure (9) = ADRENALIN

A = A, road = RD, LANE, up = reversal in down clue, at home = IN

DT 28112

Animals creep audibly (5) = FAUNA

audibly = homophone, creep = FAWNER h. FAUNA = animals

Bird‘s back in Sun a lot, routinely (7) = ORTOLAN

DT 28112

This old deity makes sound of deer (4) = FAUN

makes sound of = homophone, deer = FAWN h. FAUN = old deity

A nurse working on insanity (8) = UNREASON

These two foxed me for ages:

working = anagram (of a nurse), on = ON

Latest thing to eat — longs to get stuck in (8) = TARDIEST

thing to eat = TART, longs = DIES, to get stuck in = containment

ORTOLAN = bird; type of bunting (a finch like bird)
BUNTING = Finch like bird
FAUN = old deity; Roman protector of shepherds; similar in appearance to a SATYR

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