DT Toughie 1596

In the back of the car, brown, half shut brolly (11) = BUMBERSHOOT

the back of the car = BOOT, brown = UMBER, half shut = SH

Initially, old German half as mysterious as ancient writing system (5) = OGHAM

Element I’m not sure will support posh queen (7) = URANIUM

I’m not sure = UM, posh = U, queen = RANI

Spit broth etc out on top of everything (9) = BROCHETTE

out = anagram (of broth etc), top of everything = E

Favourite clue:

Pen circling blot, poor Einstein (11) = SMARTY PANTS

pen = STY, circling = containment, blot = MAR, poor = PANTS

BUMBERSHOOT = umbrella (US sl.)
OGHAM = ancient writing system; Celtic/Pictish alphabet
RANI = queen; Indian Hindi queen cf. RANEE
BROCHETTE = spit; small skewer

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