ST 2844

Repaired at last, we hear, and disposed of (4) = SOLD

we hear = homophone, repaired at last = SOLED h. SOLD = disposed of

A building that’s secure since lock added (8) = FORTRESS

since = FOR, lock = TRESS

Game with two packs — discarded in a hurry (6) = RUSHED

game with two packs = RU, dicarded = SHED

Doctor sent in light meal for Leo, for example (13) = CONSTELLATION

doctor = anagram (of sent), in = containment, light meal = COLLATION

Ideal place providing protection for head in university area (6) = UTOPIA

protection for head = TOPI, university = U, area = A

COLLATION = light meal taken on fast days in monasteries
TOPI = protection for head; pith helmet

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