DT 28097 – DT 28101

DT 28097

Last in:

Once you’ve made it, you’re out (6) = ESCAPE

Cryptic definition.

A couple of favourites:

One involves amusingly taking off garment right away (4) = SKIT

garment = SKIRT, right = R, away = deletion

It’s touching when a radio entertainer gets a little money (8) = ADJACENT

a = A, radio entertainer, a = A, little money = CENT

DT 28098

She made predictions treated as canards (9) = CASSANDRA

treated = anagram (of as canards)

DT 28099

Couple of favourites:

Heart-throb may be strangely isolated (8) = DIASTOLE

strangely = anagram (of isolated)

Bribe the French right? He’ll make a mess of it! (7) = BUNGLER

bribe = BUNG, the French = LE, right = R

DT 28100

Safe’s too noticeable to hold swag (7) = FESTOON

Hidden word.

Love being in cool pants? I’m turning urbane (12) = COSMOPOLITAN

Worthy of Private Eye? Love = O, turning = anagram (of cool pants I’m)

DT 28101

Steward in club at Etihad Stadium with one short request (8) MANCIPLE

One with exaggerated respect for priests could become so strait-laced (13) = SACERDOTALIST

Dissolute editor stopped indulging completely (6) = FASTED

It’s one of those days: dissolute = FAST, editor = ED

SWAG = festoon
MANCIPLE = Steward
SACERDOTALIST = One with exaggerated respect for priests

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