DT 28085 – DT 28089

DT 28085

Roman building with style of kings (9) = MONARCHIC

building = anagram (of roman), style = CHIC

DT 28086

Time off in bay (6) = RECESS

Double definition.

DT 28087

Play one’s part quietly, subject to law (8) = UNDERACT

Double definition if split 4,3.

DT 28088

Full smorgasbord is empty and sandwiches consumed (5) = SATED

empty = deletion, smorgasbord is empty = SD, sandwiches = containment, consumed = ATE

DT 28089

Before long baddie will acquire a lover (9) = INAMORATA

Before long = IN A MO, baddie = RAT, a = A

We agreed to shut up this bore (5) = EAGRE

Hidden word.

Cleverness of northern native enemy ultimately concealing information (9) = INGENUITY

northern native = INUIT, enemy ultimately = Y, concealing = containment, information = GEN

Never stopping, king is attacker (7) = FORAYER

never stopping = FOR AYE, king = R

INAMORATA = lover; woman in love or beloved cf. INAMORATO
EAGRE = bore; sudden rise of tide in a river
FORAYER = attacker
FOR AYE = Forever

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