DT 28079 – DT 28083

DT 28079

Send me around Eastern land (7) = DEMESNE

around = anagram (of send me), Eastern = E

DT 28080

For flipping, throw over ancient coin (4) = OBOL

flipping = reversal; throw = LOB, over = O

DT 28081

One’s drilled as result of time off work, effectively (3,4) = OIL WELL

time off = delete T, work effectively = TOIL WELL

DT 28082

Film in Dorking or Orpington? (5) = LAYER

Double definition. Dorking and Orpington are breeds of chicken.

Rising French creator of novel spice (5) = SUMAC

rising = reversal in down clue, French creator of novel = CAMUS

Space suit gives cover (6) = ENCASE

space = EN, suit = CASE

Favourite clue:

Piece of furniture one found in flowerpot with companion (5) = BENCH

one found in flowerpot = BEN, companion = CH

DT 28083

Tree providing fruit, no end, east of river (6) = POMELO

fruit = MELON, no end = deletion, river = PO

Feline once caught rodent outside (3,3) REX CAT

once = EX, caught = C, rodent = RAT

DEMESNE = land; Manor house with surrounding land not let out to tenants; any estate in land
OBOL = ancient coin
Dorking = layer; breed of chicken
Orpington = layer; breed of chicken
SUMAC = spice; tree
POMELO = tree; citrus maxima; shaddock, grapefruit (US); pamplemousse
REX CAT = feline; breed of cat

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