DT 28055 – DT 28059

DT 28055

A touch of exaltation (8) = ACCOLADE

Cryptic definition.

Bird must rear others (4) = AUKS

rear = reversal, bird = SKUA

DT 28056

I do like a triple definition:

Get up, shift bandage (5) = DRESS

DT 28057

Scientific study of only red dog in doubt (10) = DENDROLOGY

in doubt = anagram (of only red dog)

Fat little girl’s twin with no victory (4) = SUET

little girl = SUE, no = deletion, victory = V, twin with no victory = T

DT 28058

Tick beside learner in outstanding educational course (6) = MODULE

tick = MO, outstanding = DUE, learner = L

Revealing a lot of gas? (9) = GARRULOUS

Cryptic definition.

DT 28059

Men starting off in stages to provide small bombs (8)

ACCOLADE = action used in conferring knighthood
DENDROLOGY = scientific study; natural history of trees

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