Times 26333

Struck down with the lurgi this week and haven’t been up to a crossword for a while. Probably should have picked a regular Torygraph for the come back but got there in the end.

Witch – one shouldn’t drown! (5) = TROUT

Cryptic definition.

Shoe – it’s on the foot, not half! (5) = SABOT

it = SA (sex appeal), foot = BOTTOM, not half = deletion.

Poisoner adding poisonous substance to cups, etc. (5) = COBRA

poisonous substance = CO, cups, etc. = BRA

Sure I’ve had these two before but can’t find them with the search in the blog:

Panelled enamelwork is working in duplicate (9) = CLOISONNE

is = IS, working = ON, duplicate = CLONE

Endlessly laborious phases in complex housing strategy finally (9) = SISYPHEAN

strategy finally = Y, complex = anagram (of phases in y)

In Greek mythology Sisyphas was condemned to roll a boulder up hill only to see it fall back down again repeatedly for eternity.

Favourite clue:

Bat doing well with puzzle (6,3) = FLYING FOX

doing well = FLYING, puzzle = FOX

SISYPHEAN = Endlessly laborious
CLOISONNE = Panelled enamelwork



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