DT 28019 – DT 28023

DT 28019

A sorry state, but showing promise (6) = PLIGHT

Double definition.

Not a big fan of this sort of thing:

Relate minutely in dock? (6) = DETAIL

Double definition if split/hyphenated 2,4.

Favourite clue:

Check a word that is an anagram of itself (6) = STIFLE

DT 28020

Master criminal amusing friend endlessly, in the morning back inside (2,6) = FU MANCHU

amusing = FUN, friend = CHUM, endlessly = deletion, in the morning = AM, back = reversal, inside = containment

DT 28021

Feeling Germany should avoid relegation (7) = EMOTION

Germany = D, should avoid = deletion, relegation = DEMOTION

Metal worker in short story discovered pump (8) = TANTALUM

worker = ANT, short = deletion, story = TALE, discovered = deletion (first and last letters), discovered pump = UM

DT 28022

Turned out I should get into a dry wine (7) = ATTIRED

I = I, a = A, dry = TT, wine = RED

DT 28023

Plant coming from Cuba is so unusual (8) = SCABIOUS

unusual = anagram (of cuba is so)

Fellow finally achieved an eminence as issuer of orders (8) = MANDATOR

fellow = MAN, finally achieved = D, an eminence = A TOR

Inveterate and bluff king keeps somewhat unfriendly at first (8) = HABITUAL

bluff king = HAL, keeps = containment, somewhat = A BIT, unfriendly at first = U

Bluff King Hal was full of beans,
He married half a dozen queens,
For three called Kate they cried the banns,
And one called Jane, and a couple of Annes….

Knight or a pair of knights in French headgear? (8)  = BANNERET

French headgear = BERET, a = A, knight = N

PLIGHT = promise
SCABIOUS = plant

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