DT 28007 – DT 28011

DT 28007

Favourite clue:

In error, since I’m not all-knowing (10) = OMNISCIENT

in error = anagram (of since I’m not)

Last in:

I’d raised pressure to grab property (8) = DISTRAIN

raised = reversal in down clue, pressure = STRAIN

DT 28008

Favourite clue:

Lass with belly changing? Babies — there’s two there (9) = SYLLABLES

changing = anagram (of lass, belly)

DT 28009

Favourite clue:

Thoughtless broadcast knocked on the head (14) = SCATTERBRAINED

broadcast = SCATTER, knocked on the head = BRAINED

DT 28010

Warriors in football team, say, surrounding lawmaker (4) = IMPI

say = example of, football team say,= II (11), lawmaker = MP

Favourite clue:

Teachers’ group action is a daft one (7) = NUTCASE

DT 28011

Face Thomas outside hospital, a shadowy figure (7) = PHANTOM

face = PAN, Thomas = TOM, hospital = H

Easter’s hour off for French philosopher (6) = PASCA

Easter = PASCHAL, hour = H, off = deletion

DISTRAIN = to grab property; cf DISTRAINT (DT 27776)
IMPI = warriors; group of armed southern Africa native warriors
PASCHAL = Easter (archaic); The Passover
PAN = face (slang)

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