DT 28001 – DT28005

DT 28001

Gunrunning, say, in conflict (7,2,4) = PASSAGE OF ARMS

Double definition.

Demonstrating opposition to hunter’s movement? (13) = ANTICLOCKWISE

Doubtless, it follows plea for enjoyment (4) = SURE

Sort of cryptic double definition, enjoyment = PLEASURE

Cryptic definition. hunter = pocket watch

DT 28002

Musical about pianist Dame Myra (5) = CHESS

about = C, pianist Dame Myra = HESS

DT 28003

Just bank on Mike losing heart (6) = MERELY

bank = RELY, losing heart = deletion, Mike losing heart = ME

Women on a popular Glaswegian panel (8) = WAINSCOT

women = W, a = A, popular = IN, Glaswegian = SCOT

DT 28004

Quite tricky but enjoyable and got there in the end.

Divine erotic snap got hacked (13) = PROGNOSTICATE

hacked = anagram (of erotic snap got)

Favourite clue:

Make-up artist‘s alien accepted by astronomer (13) = COSMETOLOGIST

alien = ET, astronomer = COSMOLOGIST

Last in:

Violent explosion under the bridge? (6) = SNEEZE

Cryptic definition.

DT 28005

Again tricky but good. Last in:

Work in the crossworder’s study? (9) = THESAURUS

Cryptic definition.

PASSAGE OF ARMS = conflict; any armed struggle.
HUNTER = watch; pocket watch with face protected with metal cover.
WAINSCOT = panel; woodwork on interior wall; Fine oak for panelling etc.
COSMETOLOGIST = make-up artist
COSMETOLOGY = Art or profession of applying cosmetics/hairdessing/plastic surgery

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