DT 27978 – DT 27982

DT 27978

Period for redemption states article by church (6) = USANCE

states = US, article = AN, church = CE

Budget that could be useless in parts? (9) = ECONOMISE

Cryptic/double definition. Split useless 4,4

DT 27979

Work in outskirts of Tobruk on a very good film (7) = TOPKAPI

work = OP, outskirts of Tobruk = TK, a = A, very good = PI

Sherry in a musty room’s old (7) = AMOROSO

a = A, musty = anagram (of rooms), old = O

DT 27980

PSV rounding bend with a shock (6) = TRAUMA

PSV = TRAM, bend = U, a = A

Favourite clue:

Thought process provoked by a car salesman? (4-10) = AUTO SUGGESTION

Sort of cryptic double definition.

DT 27981

Undecided purchasing endlessly expensive hat (7) = TRICORN

undecided = TORN, purchasing = containment, endlessly = deletion, expensive = RICH

Favourite clue:

Thought about love, inhibited about sex (9) = COGITATED

about = C, love = O, inhibited = GATED, abot = containment, sex = IT

DT 27982

Sun about to go? Here’s the wind and rain (7)

It could be a clue for ones to detect (4,3) = NOSE OUT

Double definition. out = anagram (of ones two)

USANCE = Period for redemption; time allowed for payment of foreign bills of exchange
PSV = Public Service Vehicle

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