DT 27972 – DT 27976

DT 27972

Classified government order (9) = HIERARCHY

Double definition. Chambers has HIERARCHY = Graded government amongst priests, so maybe triple definition depending on how you look at it.

One starts with a high jump, then performs acrobatic feats (8) = SKY DIVER

Cryptic definition.

DT 27973

Object in collection, remarkable type (8) = SPECIMEN

Double definition. Spent ages on this looking for a synonym for object in collection = SET

One with barely seen family jewels? (6) = NUDIST

Cryptic definition – Almost Private eye style.

DT 27974

Drunk chased by partner, initially with popular item of kitchenalia (7,3) = ROLLING PIN

Quite attractive? Maybe too twee (6-6) = PRETTY PRETTY

quite = PRETTY, attractive = PRETTY

DT 27975

University professor or thick noodle? (4) = UDON

university = U, professor = DON

Surpisingly a lecture’s short and sweet (9,5) = CHARLOTTE RUSSE

surprisingly = anagram (of a lectures short)

Swim? Husband’s put on G-string — it’s two tones in one (9) = DIPHTHONG

swim? = DIP, husband = H, G-string = THONG

Seafood taster perhaps swallows one and he checks cover for cracks (6,8) = CLAIMS ASSESSOR

Seafood taster perhaps = CLAM ASSESSOR, swallows = containment, one = I

DT 27976

Deer can’t jump without tail sadly (7) = MUNTJAC

sadly = anagram (of cant jum)

Something with burning contents official examiner reported (6) = CENSER

official examiner = CENSOR, reported = homophone

UDON = Thick noodle; thick wheat flour Japanese noodle
MUNTJAC = deer
CENSER = Ceremonial container in which incense is burned

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