DT 27966 – DT 27970

DT 27966

Part of clergyman’s estate? (5) = MANSE

&Lit hidden word.

DT 27967

For some reason these two took longer than the rest put together:

Rides in circles (6) = CYCLES

Double definition.

Snake caught constricting flightless bird (10) = COPPERHEAD

caught = COPPED, constricting = containment, flightless bird = RHEA

DT 27968

At home creating a diversion (12) = ENTERTAINING

Double definition. Just what this puzzle was.

DT 27969

Last in, this clever double definition:

Performing animal seen in impressive ring? (4) = SEAL

DT 27970

Some interesting definitions in this entertaining puzzle:

Easy target making one flap (4,4) = BARN DOOR

Double definition, the flap being on a TV/film luminaire

Hurry around very busy place (4) = HIVE

hurry = HIE, very = V

US general with a plan taking everyone to swampy area (8) MARSHALL

swampy area = MARSH, everyone = ALL

Last in:

Frenzy brought by smell of dampness (4) = MUST

Double definition.

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