DT 27936 – DT 27940

DT 27936

Favourite clue:

By no means a fleet response that may raise a laugh (3-5) = ONE LINER

Double definition.

DT 27937

Greek getting behind corruption (5) = GRAFT

Greek = Gr, behind = AFT

Outlaw in Swedish company Japanese art (7) = IKEBANA

outlaw = BAN, Swedish company = IKEA

Instrument familiar to pre-Victorians? (10) = DIDGERIDOO

Cryptic definition. Victoria = Australian state.

DT 27938

Last in:

Carpet expert must be in contact (8) = REPROACH

expert = PRO, must be in = containment, contact = REACH

Favourite clue:

Blood group, say, identifies such a clumsy individual (13) = BUTTER FINGERS

Blood group = B, say = UTTER, identifies = FINGERS

DT 27939

Lighter top going for pound which is generous (5) = LARGE

lighter = BARGE, top = first letter, going for = replacement, pound = L

One’s got out of bed to go on the roof (4) = REED

Cryptic definition.

DT 27940

Oil fellow’s put into seats (8)

Iron glove in a form of punishment (8)

GRAFT = corruption (in official life) sl.
IKEBANA = Japanese art (of flower arranging)
GAUNTLET = punishment

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