DT 27930 – DT 27934

DT 27930

I will get a number to follow through danger (5) = PERIL

through = PER, I = I, a number = L

DT 27931

Urgent-looking letters in capitals I scrawled Pa sent back crossed out (7) = ITALICS

sent back = reversal, crossed out = deletion, scrawled = anagram (of capitals I minus pa)

DT 27932

Go through my name and split cost of accommodation (10,4) = PEPPERCORN RENT

go through = PEPPER, my = COR, name = N, split = RENT

DT 27933

Massive star, practically perfect, embracing ‘Posh’ (9) = HERCULEAN

star = HERO, practically = deletion, perfect = CLEAN, posh = U

Daily function, exterminator to be shown empty property (9) = CHARACTER

daily = CHAR, function = ACT, to be shown empty = deletion, exterminator to be shown empty = ER

DT 27934

Tree in trouble and stunted in this manner (9) = AILANTHUS

trouble = AIL, stunted = deletion, and stunted = AN, in this manner = THUS

Plant festival beginning to take off (5) = ASTER

I was looking for a festival to remove the T from but it’s just the beginning off EASTER. Doh!

AILANTHUS = tree; the tree of heaven; tall asiatic tree; also AILANTO

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