DT 27924 – DT 27928

DT 27924

Lot of the French money has variable support (7) = DESTINY

of the French = DES, money = TIN, variable = Y

Expect high tolls here (9) = CAMPANILE

Cryptic definition.

DT 27925

That woman will peel outside (5) = SHELL

Double definition.

Lingerie — two articles from abroad are ordered by women (9) = UNDERWEAR

two articles from abroad = UN, DER, ordered = anagram (of are), women = W

DT 27926

A rash is developing — it’s the hot paste (7) = HARISSA

developing = anagram (of a rash is)

DT 27927

Bark in southern river cutting through headland (6) = SCRAPE

southern = S, river = R, headland = CAPE

DT 27928

Plant starts to ruin everything in border (7) = SKIRRET

starts to ruin everything = RE, border = SKIRT

CAMPANILE = Expect high tolls here; bell tower esp. detached from church
SKIRRET = plant; water parsnip
HARISSA = hot paste

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