DT 27912 – DT 27916

DT 27912

May, that makes one able to cast a clout? (5) = MIGHT

Double definition

DT 27913

Damage by number of spectators in Kent resort (7) = MARGATE

damage = MAR, number of spectators = GATE

Old newspaper to make Net, conceivably (4,6) = BACK NUMBER

DT 27914

Look thus, if lost (6) = SHUFTI

lost = anagram (of thus if)

DT 27915

Completely stuck with these last three until saved by my wife:

Bold, but not highly coloured? (10) = UNBLUSHING

Double definition.

Bass apparently quiet (3-3) = LOW KEY

Double definition.

Stone Ron sculpted will make an impression (7) = WOODCUT

(Rolling) Stone Ron = WOOD, sculpted = CUT

DT 27916

Same scenario as yesterday, but just one blighter:

Little beast, the German seen to be more crafty (8) = SHREWDER

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