DT 27906 – DT 27910

DT 27906

Jack gets key and freedom (10) = ABSOLUTION

jack = AB, key = SOLUTION

DT 27907

Broke the 20m barrier but it doesn’t count as I only got this clue with a typo (I was trying route but hit G not T) and once I’d worked out the construction didn’t twig the reference to roulette.

Wheel may show this as rake scoops in grand? (5) = ROUGE

rake = ROUE, scoops in = containment, grand = G

Herb, reportedly in Thickening agent in sauce (4) = ROUX

reportedly = homophone, herb = RUE

DT 27908

Bone idle new carer under supervision initially (5) = INCUS

initialy = first letters of

Favourite clue:

Radio man dealing with bankruptcy? (8) = RECEIVER

Double definition.

DT 27909

Spacecraft‘s whole during landing (7) = PIONEER

whole = ONE, landing = PIER

Act incorporates leader of Staines massive (5) = POSSE

act = POSE, leader of Staines = S

DT 27910

RUE = herb;

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