DT 27900 – DT 27904

DT 27900

Girl that’s back in Oriental island (5) = ELSIE

back = reversal, Oriental = E(ast), island = ISLE

East end building extension (4) = APSE

Cryptic definition. At first I was trying to think of dropping aitches but Chambers has:

Semicircular recess esp. at the east end of a church choir.

DT 27901

Leave bags? (7) = LUGGAGE

Cryptic definition?

Favourite clue:

China swan: ultimately tacky (7) = POTTERY

swan = POTTER, ultimately tacky = Y

DT 27902

I haven’t got this stuck with a Wednesday for ages:

Training area for road users? (5,8) = LEVEL CROSSING

Cryptic definition. Training? Big groan when I got that.

Offending Labour Party? (5,4) = CHAIN GANG

Another cryptic definition, no groan, appreciation this time.

Pub landlord in council administration? (5,9) = LOCAL AUTHORITY

Double definition.

New word but I’m sure I’ve had before but can’t find on the blog:

Slowness to act to screen a covered walkway (4) = STOA

Favourite clue:

Wind breaker covering end of shore (5) = WEAVE

breaker = WAVE, end shore = E

Phew got there in the end.

DT 27903

African country takeaway? (4) = TOGO

Double definition if split 2,2.

Light brown wagon not previously seen bridging Scottish river (5) = TAWNY

not = deletion, previously = AGO, bridging = containment, Scottish river = TAY

DT 27904

A piano in small room is used by a star (7) = CAPELLA

A = A, piano = P, small room = CELL, a = A

Essence of sung message to encourage escape of Prince in vessel (9) = SPEEDBOAT

Cryptic definition. Got this from the checking letters, explanation from Big Dave’s hint:

essence = deletion, sung message to encourage escape of Prince (Bonnie Prince Charlie) = The Skye Boat Song, first line of chorus = Speed, bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing.

STOA = covered walkway
CAPELLA = star; in northern constellation Auriga; Latin she-goat

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