DT 27894 – DT 27898

DT 27894

Wells starts writing in sudden bursts of activity (6) = SPASMS

wells = SPAS, writing = MS

DT 27895

Endure the French drink (4,3) = LAST OUT

the French = LE, drink = STOUT

DT 27896

Almost a record time but really enjoyed it.

Versatile employee‘s bill to corporation following fine (8) = FACTOTUM

bill = ACT, to = TO, corporation = TUM, fine = F

DT 27897

A star rose rising up (7) = ASUNDER

A = A, star = SUN, rose = RED, rising = reversal

Yokels in endless quiet among pines (8) = PEASANTS

quiet = EASE, endless = deletion, pines = PANTS

DT 27898

Bit of the crust a light brown? (4) = ECRU

Hidden word.

When trained he’s a better animal (10) = HARTEBEEST

trained = anagram (of he’s a better)

Good to reduce the courage of potential killer (6) = GUNMAN

Good = G, reduce the courage of = UN-MAN

TOUT alt. TOOT = a drinking binge cf TOOT snort (N Am slang)
ECRU = light brown; unbleached linen; it’s off-white or greyish-brown colour
HARTEBEEST = S. African antelope

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