DT 27882 – DT 27886

DT 27882

Sort of double definition day!

Policemanone in the Flying Squad? (10) = BLUBOTTLE

Sort of cryptic double definition?

Having a baby, but not coming out with the truth? (5-2) = LYING-IN

Sort of cryptic double definition?

Youthful Mormon pioneer (5) = YOUNG

Straight double definition. Brigham Young leader of the Latter Day Saints and founder of Salt Lake City.

DT 27883

Some unmentionables:

Passing me her pale pants (9) = EPHEMERAL

pants = anagram (of me her pale)

Female right to wear Tony’s tight underwear (1-6) = Y-FRONTS

female = F, tight = anagram (of Tony’s)

Favourite clue:

Speaker woe for us, unfortunately — keeping Bercow initially (9) = SUBWOOFER

unfortunately = anagram (of woe for us), Bercow initially = B

DT 27884

Tax incorporating right to fish (5) = TROLL

tax = TOLL, right = R

Currency needed to support the Queen’s mission (6) = ERRAND

currency = RAND, the Queen = ER

DT 27885

Tap stuck in barrel? Wrench it, say (6) = FAUCET

say = homophone, wrench it = FORCE IT

Greasy lumps in retreat? On the contrary (6) = ASYLUM

Sort of cryptic or &Lit hidden word.

Another errand:

Duty Queen performed with Freddie’s heart (6) = ERRAND

Queen = ER, performed = RAN, Freddie’s heart = D

DT 27886

East European briefly securing time in charge of party matters? (8) = POLITICS

east European = POLISH, briefly = deletion, time = T, in charge of = IC

Belief about brave man, soldier imprisoned (8) = RELIGION

about = RE, brave man = LION, soldier = GI, imprisoned = containment

Two metallic elements in minimal supply in rock (4) = CRAG

Two metallic elements in minimal supply = CR (Chromium Cr), AG (Silver Ag)

BLUEBOTTLE = policeman sl.
LYING-IN = Confinement during childbirth

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